Where's Tom?

Dedicated to Mathalee Bukovich

By James E. Hord, Jr.

Imagine that not long ago, your soul was still in Heaven,

And existed with the other souls, in groups of six or seven,

And it knew nothing of this life that it had not yet known,

Nor knew of any previous form from which it may have grown.

Imagine that this soul in Heaven, played throughout the day,

And had a nice existence that evolved in "soul-ish" way,

It had relationships with others, had friends and maybe foes,

It had its joys, had fun, it played... and maybe it had woes.

One day in conversation, with another of it's kind,

While speaking of a group of friends, Thomas comes to mind.

"Where's Tom", it asks, ....the other gasps," I really hate to say....",

"But though its sad, I have to tell you..... Tom was born today!"

"On no! Tom's gone!" the poor soul cries. "He's one I'll surely miss!"

And Tom is thought of as erased.... as gone in the abyss.

We in this life know of course, that Tom is doing fine.

He's simply here, instead of there.... It's just a state of mind.

But often, in this place we know of as the state of Life,

We will consider only "now", and just our current strife.

What were we before this life? Where will we go from here?

Should we trust in the Word of God, or go forth with fear!

Except for our own peace of mind, it really doesn't matter.

The die is cast, the plan is made, the cake is on the platter.

We didn't write the story line, we didn't plan our form,

And yet we find that throughout life we weather every storm.

What we were, what we are now and what we will be later,

Was decided and detailed by our great Creator.

He didn't ask us for our vote to see if we'd agree....,

(What would he say?...

"My child, would you like just one arm, or maybe two or three?")

You wouldn't ask your children if they care to go to school,

Or have them vote on every case of your parental rule,

They learn to trust your judgment as to what is best, and so....

With love and trust and comfort, they to their futures grow.

So trust the Plan. It's been in place a very long, long time.

Good poetry, before it's read, is none the less sublime,

The absence of foreknowledge should not equate to fear.

"Where's Tom?" ...... should not mean sadness, ......it just means he's not here.

Should we miss Tom? Of course we should. But grief should not pour 'ore us,

It's simply that our Tom evolved a little bit before us.

Does life seem sweet, and nice and calm.... while death seems cold and gruff?

Sure, ......but then I prob'ly would've said, "....Oh, just one arm's enough!"

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