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D.O.B.: 01/08/38 (Gastonia, NC)


Miami Senior High - Miami, Florida - 1956

Erskine College - Due West, S. Carolina - B.A. 1963

University of Miami -  Individual courses

University of North Carolina - Extension - Individual courses

University of S. Carolina - Columbia, S.C.

         M.A. 1968, Clinical Psychology

         Ph.D. 1968, Clinical Psychology

APA Approved Internship, Milledgeville State Hospital (Now Central State Hospital) in Milledgeville, Ga.



1965 - 1968

Instructor - University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina

     Psychological Statistics Lab. 1 year

     Physiological Psychology Lab. 1 year

     Learning Lab. 1 year

     Introductory Psychology   2 1/2 years

Director - University of South Carolina Mental Health Clinic

1 year. Duties involved developing a comprehensive clinic program, responsibility for the on-going operations of the clinic and the supervision of the clinic interns. A state-of-the-art facility at the time, this unit was equipped with observation windows in each room, sound monitoring and other aids for the purpose of instructing the graduate student in the therapy process. All systems were controlled by my office.  I was responsible for providing supervision for graduate students in the development of therapeutic strategies, testing procedures and patient interaction.

Consultant Psychologist - R & D Project - Columbia, South Carolina School Board

2 years. This project was established on an experimental basis to focus professional services on the high school age, mentally retarded special education student with the aim of aiding in his vocational and emotional adjustment during his last school years. Duties involved sole responsibility for the providing psychological services where needed, including both diagnostic and therapeutic services, project research and reporting, and project planning.

APA-Approved Internship - Central State Hospital, Milledgeville, Georgia

1 year. While the American Psychological Association evaluates internship training programs in Clinical Psychology all over the country, at the time of my course work only two were available in the Southeast. This was one of the two. While approval by APA was not required for the doctoral degree to be conferred, such approval is generally recognized to be indicative of a higher level of quality for the internship training experience.

This 12,000 bed hospital setting provided a wide range exposure to both neurotic and psychotic disorders. Duties involved diagnostics, individual and group psychotherapy, and the development and operation of Behavior Modification wards. On these wards, I had total responsibility for all decisions affecting the patients (i.e., walk-outs, furloughs, privileges, treatment modalities and plans) other than medication.

Director - Psychological Services, Unit 5 - Central State Hospital,

Milledgeville, Georgia - 1968

1 year. Unit 5 was one of five major divisions of Central Sate Hospital, and most training and other activities of the Psychology Department took place here. The Unit, consisting of three separate buildings, housed approximately 1500 patients. Four Behavior Modification wards were located in this Unit. Approximately 275 psychotic patients were housed in these Behavior Modification treatment wards, and one ward housed an additional 80 alcoholic patients.

The Psychology staff in the Unit consisted of three Ph.D. Psychologists, three Psychology interns, three Psychology Clerks and a clerical staff. I was responsible for the operation of the Psychology program and provided direct supervision for one intern while overseeing the supervision of the others in the program.

Consultant - Community Mental Health Clinic, Douglas, Georgia

1967 - 1968

2 years. The clinic was operated on a one-day-per-week basis, staffed by two Ph.D. Psychologists and one secretary-receptionist. Duties involved the usual clinic operations plus lectures to professional groups, special casework with community schools, and referrals from outside the community. The program was funded through the education system.

Director - Jackson County Guidance Clinic, Marianna, Florida

8/1968 - 7/1975

7 years. I was hired as the Director of a non-existing clinic by a group of concerned citizens in the Jackson County area. It was my responsibility to develop a program as an authorized Community Mental Health Clinic in a two-county area. In the period of time that I was Director of this facility, the Clinic grew to a staff of 24 with an annual budget in excess of $300,000.00. Many rather unique services were developed such as a mobile office which traveled to the more thinly populated areas of the catchment area and provided both diagnostic and therapeutic services from a completely self-contained, and air conditioned facility. During this period of time we were able to build a facility for the clinic, and we developed a separate 24,000 sq. ft. unit for a fully oriented Day Care and Rehabilitation facility. Special programs were developed in the area of school services, volunteer services, and special liaison programs designed to compliment auxiliary services in the community. The Clinic was instrumental in providing models for the delivery of indigent, drugs, special uses for volunteer services, and hospitalization intake procedures for the State.

Clinical Psychologist - Bay County Guidance Clinic, Panama City, Florida

8/1968 - 3/1977

I was affiliated with the Bay County Guidance Clinic as a Clinical Psychologist for various percentages of time during this period. Duties there were extremely varied and ran the gauntlet of services usually associated with the practice of Clinical Psychology.

Executive Director - Northwest Florida Drug Council, Panama City, Florida

12/1976 - 6/1987

I assumed this position at a time when the program was receiving a great deal of attack from the local county commission and public in general. In addition to a very negative public reaction the program was facing very serious financial difficulties. It had a $24,000.00 local money requirement and had raised less than $3500.00 with six months of the year gone. We were successful in raising the additional monies, relocated the program and rebuilt public relations. The program became extremely strong and was well accepted in the community. We operated a prevention program that provided educational services to over 15,000 school children per year and we maintained an active caseload in our outpatient program of approximately 110 clients. We developed a number of innovative educational approaches that became a focus of attention for other programs across the state. I ran the program for the following years, raising $54,000 in local funds each year to insure the state grant. When I finally left the program it was strong and viable. It later merged with the local alcohol program and in that form, continues today.

Private Practice - 8/1968 - Present

I maintain a private practice, and do a great deal of diagnostic work. Aside from taking individual referrals, I also have contractual relationships with Vocational Rehabilitation, Disability Determinations, and I have worked for many years with the Child Protection Team for this geographical area and have done in excess of 2,000 evaluations of abused children over the years. I maintain a full office practice but I do not accept managed care programs or typical managed care staff assignments. I am on the consultant staffs of our local hospitals.  Over the years I have taught courses in psychology at the U. of So. Carolina, a Military High School in Milledgeville, Ga., U.S.C. by extension at Tyndall AFB, and at Gulf Coast Jr. College. I have had several presentations at national and state psychological conventions for other psychologists.

I receive numerous referrals from the Court system and have testified on many occasions as an expert witness in County, State and Federal cases including a number of first degree murder cases. I have been utilized numerous times by both prosecution and defense attorneys. I do custody evaluations and deal with related issues and I have also testified in several courts-martial for the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy and U.S. Marines.

Recently I developed the Psy-FL mail list which is a communication list for psychologists in Florida.  Over 100 psychologists joined the list in the first three months of operation.  It continues to grow in size and utility and daily activity on the lists attests to its value for the membership.  I am the owner and operator of that service which is hosted by St. Johns University in New York.


American Psychological Association - Member

Florida Psychological Association - First chair of the Continuing Education Committee - 6 years in this position

(Four times nominated for President of FPA. On each occasion, I placed second to a nominee from a large metropolitan area of Florida, which I consider very flattering since I have no local chapter for support in my area of the state.)

Gulf Coast Psychological Society - President

Bay County Mental Health Association - Member

Consultant Staff :

       Bay Medical Center

       Gulf Coast Hospital

       Bay County Behavioral Health Center (Formerly Rivendell)

Consultant/Psychologist - Bay County Child Protection Team


I currently hold a professional license in Psychology in Florida (Number PY0002291) and have been licensed since licensing began in Florida, in 1970. In addition I served as Vice President on the Certification Committee of the Florida Psychological Association for three years. This was during a time that the State licensing for psychologists in this state was sunsetted (expired) and this committee took on the task of certifying professionals from outside of our area who wanted to be appropriately certified in Florida.

I obtain a minimum of 20 CE credits per year in line with current licensing requirements. In addition I have presented several CE programs for the Florida Psychological Association. I am the "list owner" and operator for the Psy-FL mail list service that provides a professional communication service for psychologists in the State of Florida.  I am an active participant on several other mail lists for psychologists operating over the Internet, and I maintain a professional web site for providing information to psychologists and related professionals. I publish a number of papers on that site, which can be found at Additionally, I provide consultation and test evaluations for a number of psychologists around the State and elsewhere. I have developed several computer based programs for test analysis that have enjoyed considerable popularity.