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(Must you carry your family problems from the second millennium...

... into the third millennium?)    

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This introductory page is designed specifically for people in the Panama City area, clients and potential clients of PSWF and those seeking information about our office.

Must you carry your family and personal problems generated in the last millennium, into the present millennium? What a waste.  Life should be a joyful and interesting experience. It should not be lived with depression and unhappiness. People will take their car to a mechanic if it is not running exactly right, but will put up with emotional and interpersonal difficulties as if they were un-fixable.  Not so. Mental problems are learned through the subtle process of daily experiences. They can be cured through the learning process also. The therapy process itself is enjoyable, unlike the services of the auto mechanic, so it is difficult to understand why someone would put off this process. Is it expensive? No,  ...not when we compare this expense to what is obtained. We are talking about major improvements in the quality of life. What cost would be "too expensive" for that? The cost of a vacation? A downpayment on a new car? Hardly.

Here is a quick example of the logic involved.  Read the following statement:

Finished files are the

result of years of scientific

study combined with the

experience of many years.

Now suppose that the quality of life depended on your ability to count the number of times that the letter "F" appears in that sentence. Count them now.  

Would you believe me if I told you there were four?  How about if I told you there were five or even six? Many people get this wrong, but resist any effort to believe anything other than what they initially concluded. If the issue were important to life, that dogmatism would be foolishly costly in terms of individual comfort. Now while this is just a demonstration, many people put beliefs together that cause discordant results but suffer the consequences rather than seek professional help that is designed to fix such problems. Life should be sweeter than that. We need balance in our social, family, religious and personal aspects of life. An out of balance system is tiresome and unrewarding.

 There are, of course, six "F"'s in that sentence.  Can you find them?  If not, I will give you a hint......... later.

Our office has provided Psychological Services to the Panama City area and adjacent counties since 1968. Experience and integrity are our hallmarks. We provide a number of specialized services within the Panama City area, including:

We are a PPO and PPC provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield and have been for many years. We do accept a few other insurance carriers and we can help you file your insurance with still other companies. However we cannot agree to accept assignment for some deeply discounted payors. If your coverage falls in this category we can help you file your claim but the carrier will send any reimbursement directly to you rather than to us.  

If you have questions about your insurance coverage and this office, please call during business hours and we will do our best to assist in getting you some answers.

Military Personnel:   Your CHAMPUS coverage is valuable and we will assist you or file your insurance for you. We cannot accept assignment however because of the current low rates currently set by the carrier. Therefore any reimbursement will go directly to you and you are responsible for your bill with this office.

You may contact us by E-Mail at, or you may call the office for an appointment at (850) 769-5108. Our office staff can assist you with questions about insurance, financial responsibility for services, confidentiality and other matters during our office hours.

To meet our staff and review a variety of psychological materials, please click HERE...... and thanks for stopping by our web site. I very much hope that we can be of service to you.

Oh, the hint I promised...... Did you count the "F"s in the word "of" ????  It's always the little things that mess up our thinking processes, isn't it?


James E. Hord, Jr. Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist


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