Therapeutic Poetry

This poem was originally designed to challenge the client's existing concepts of death with a mildly humorous, new conceptualization in a non-threatening form. It was based on an idea that spontaneously developed in my head while I was giving a speech to a local church several years earlier.

This was written to interrupt the arguments that frequently exist when one of a couple snores, and keeps the other awake.  Not designed to eliminate the problem but to re-adjust the view from one of victim and villain to something else.  Humorous and non-threatening.

Originally written as a birthday card for my aging mother, this can be modified for anyone by changing the last line appropriately.  Not particularly therapeutic like the others but what the heck..... I liked it and the effects it created in my mother.

My Mother's Flowers      

Written to send to my mother in response to her fax requesting NO FLOWERS for Mother's Day, 1999.

Bottom Power      

A poem written to impact my lovely wife's self concept in the direction of feminine characteristics.  This one is a tad sexy, but within socially appropriate parameters I believe. Still, it is intended for adult readers and especially husbands who would like to bring about a very nice "girlish" reaction in their wives.  

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