My Mother's Flowers

By James E. Hord, Jr. Ph.D.

"Please don't send me flowers", my mother said to me.

She doesn't want the money spent - She worries, don't you see.

She says she wants a note or fax, a call would prob'ly do,

Just some form to say the words, "Hi mother, I love you".

But then I got to thinking, if Gran'ma were here today,

And Mom could send 'em one more time, just how much would she pay?

Gran'ma would prob'ly fuss and say that flowers cost too much,

And she would rather that my mom just call or fax or such.

But mom would send them just the same, in spite of the protest,

To leave no doubt, of all the moms, that hers was loved the best,

Well mom can't send those flowers now, though when she could, she did.

But I still can, and I still will, - I am my mother's kid.

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