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R Marital therapy:

The concept of marital therapy, or counseling, is broad. No matter what approach is taken however, successful treatment involves changing the concepts that exist within the marital bonds. A direct assault on this topic can be very helpful, and is the course that we prefer.

In order to understand the balance of influences resulting from the concepts that define a marriage, some external measure is usually required. The pattern of interaction between a couple will be very habitual, and will not easily be viewed outside of that habit pattern. For example, it is common for an individual to "discover" that he or she is enjoying a conversation with another person at a party, about politics or some other topic that could not be had with the person's own spouse. Often this is taken as"evidence" that they are more compatible with this stranger, than with the spouse. That of course is not true, but it is true that the existing habit patterns within the marriage, may not support conversations about politics which in turn will not allow the party conversation to take place. In other words, each partner may notice significant differences between how they interact with strangers as compared to how they interact with each other. That is due to habit patterns, and nothing else.

PSWF has developed a Relationship Improvement Program based on the information and logic of the Interpersonal Checklist, that will provide information about the pattern of role perceptions within a marriage from (1) a global viewpoint, (2) the view of partner no. one and (3) the view of partner no. two. The better one understands the perceptions that exist anywhere within the relationship, the better that relationship can be controlled and adjusted.  This program is designed for couples who want a closer, more positive relationship and do not have major problematic factors in the home enviornment (such as alcoholism as a major focus).  For most people, this is a very effective and worthwhile program experience.

Successful modification of the influences within a relationship are rarely obtained by attempting to change oneself, without significant professional help. However, if the focus is on changing the perceptions that exist within the relationship, positive changes are within reach.  For more about this program, click here.... MORE  

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