A Complaint by Jim Hord

Deep in the Kenya jungle, the lioness lies awake,

The stress and tension of her day will simply not abate,

She needs her sleep, she needs her rest to face another day,

She knows that she must now relax, her fears must go away.


She snuggles up against her mate, the He-Lion, beastly king,

His body gives her warmth and love, and takes away life's sting,

A rumbling comes from his deep chest, a warning to the night,

To "stay away from me and mine, or I will surely fight!"


This sound, this deep melodious purr, gives comfort to her soul,

She sleeps and is therefore assured, the night can now unfold,

The sound protects her and her cubs, these rumbling tones so deep,

Without such peace she would for hours, search for needed sleep.


The same is true for all God's creatures, it's really not so strange,

The cooing of the doves at night, ....the lowing on the range,

The male provides his "safety sounds", his warnings to the night,

And so brings comfort to his spouse and takes away her fright.


His manhood is expressed to all, like throwing down the gloves,

A boldly stated willingness to fight for those he loves,

His mate depends on this display of masculine bravado,

And cherishes those rumbling sounds, ....so deep, those tones staccato,


Nature's plan is intertwined, complex and smartly spun.

Each action of each creature has it's purpose, ... every one,

The complexity of all of this can hardly be called boring,

So why is it that I endure, "Hon, wake up! You're snoring!"?


Unlike the lion in Africa, my manhood is at stake.

My bravado, I am told, I must try to abate!

She thinks that I can somehow turn it off or tune it down!

What next? Must I use make-up and start sleeping in a gown?


Why can't my mate, my lioness, learn to appreciate,

Those loud expressive qualities that I exaggerate,

And understand I mean those sounds, like all the He-Lions do,

To be just one more way to say, "My darling, I love you!"


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