The following was written as a Birthday card to my 80+ y.o. mother.  However, by changing the name in the last line, it can be modified for anyone with a Fall birthday.  Feel free to modify and use, but please keep my name as author.  It creates very nice emotional reactions in the receiver..... and then in the sender.  Enjoy.        JEH


Autumn's Gift

By James Edwin Hord Jr.

As God reviewed his handiwork, in came the winter season

And He found its snowy spell to be especially pleasin',

So to mark the time of year as one He found top rate,

He placed the Christmas season there, for us to celebrate.


And then came spring, with its new leaves and blooms in every color,

And God thought, "tis a special lovely as the other".

So he placed Easter at that spot, the season so to note,

A sign of pointed pride perhaps, ..... or a subtle gloat..


Summer has it's virtues, New Year's has the same,

Special signs at special times, some we know by name.

But then there came All Hallow's Eve, ...we know as Halloween,

A time of devils, ghouls and such.... a pallet now unclean?


God saw this was a special time, not just a game of "Boo",

...The beauty highlight of the year, and this He surely knew.

...The time when all the trees and leaves break out in special hue,

...When earth announces her intent to rest ....and then renew,

...A time to store for winter, as all God's creatures do,

...A time for harvesting, for feasting and rejoicing too.


Of all the seasons He had made, God liked the autumn most,

A season that deserved, He thought, some really special toast.

Therefore to mark this unique time, in His majestic way,

He wisely, and with special love, gave it my mom's birthday.


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