This one is a tiny bit  ...........Written specifically for Patty, my wife of almost 20 years, to impact on her concept of herself and her sense of importance to me in the direction of traditional female sexiness.  Not a poem that everyone will appreciate I suppose, but while it is "sexy", it is not "pornographic"  Neither is it "sexist" in my view, but I am quite sure that not everyone will agree with this.   Although written for my wife, Patty, the name can be changed to the name of your wife, so that those of you guys out there who would like to see the faint glow of a blush on the cheeks of your own wife, may do so with simple editing.   Please read this one in the same spirit of humor as the one in which it was written.  Enjoy, and don't be too critical of me.  After all, it accomplished it's purpose at my house!   

Attempts by cross-examining attorneys to use this material to embarrass me in court is hereby defined as "sleazy" and will be so described in my courtroom response!

Bottom Power


By Jim Hord (Patty's Husband)

I think that there are many things in life that are quite grand,

But nothing measures up to Patty's bottom in my hand,

So round, so soft, so nice to hold...  the curvature so right.

The feel of it relaxes me and soothes me through the night.


Her bottom warms me through and through, and I have discovered,

That it glows in cherry pink, when it is uncovered.

It comforts me and soothes my nerves at times that I am stressed,       

I do so love the sight of it...... whenever she's undressed.


And her bottom counts on me, of this I am quite sure,

It seeks me out in dead of night, the darkness to endure,

It wiggles her whole body o'er to my side of the covers,

And plants itself into my hand.... like long lost, ardent lovers.


When she walks in front of me, her bottom's quite a tease,

I faintly hear it call and say, "Oh please give me a squeeze!"

My hand, responsive to the call, goes reaching for that wiggle,

And when it cups her fanny I could swear I hear it giggle


I think that as all bottoms go, this one would rate a "ten",

I know that when it comes near me, it gives me quite a yen,

I think that it was made for me, and I was made for it,

'Cause when it is pressed in my hand,...... it is a perfect fit!


Would life go on without this joy? Oh yes, I'm sure it would,

But I would hate to do without it, even if I could,

I think that I was lucky to have managed such a find,

And since it means so much to me, I'm thankful that it's mine.


Some use tranquilizers, to help when life ain't grand,

But as for me, I only need her bottom in my hand.

Is this a secret to despair, ......relief when life is sour?

Perhaps it is!     It works for me.....     I call it "Bottom Power"!


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