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Welcome to the Psy-FL web page. This is an e-mail group for all doctoral level psychologists in the State of Florida.  It is solely for the benefit of our members. It is a "closed" list meaning that only those meeting the membership description are allowed on the list.  Technically speaking, it is a "moderated" list meaning that the members are held to some standards of communication by the list moderator for the comfort of all concerned.  Individual postings are not reviewed prior to posting on the server, however.  

The Psy-FL Listserv Mail List

The purpose of the Psy-FL list is to allow a free flow of communication between peers. Belonging to this listserv is much like having a large group of friendly psychologists sitting on your desk. Have a question about an evaluation technique? Ask the list. Trying to locate a particular psychologist in Florida? Ask the list. Have an opinion on a legislative issue? Tell it to the list. Need information about a legislative issue? Ask the list. Find a neat web site that other psychologists would be interested in viewing? Tell it to the list. Want to know the logic of that last Matrix item on the WAIS-III? Ask the list.

Need advice on dealing with a particular Managed Care company or issue? Need to know appropriate billing codes? Need almost any conceivable information related to psychology or running the office? Right. Ask the list. People will answer, and usually several.

The Psy-FL list was created at the request of Jim Hord, Ph.D. as a list devoted to the specific issues of Florida psychologists. It originally developed within the PsyUSA list system, an international list of psychologists.  The Psy-FL list is one of few surviving State lists from that group, and is no longer affiliated with any other list system but we would encourage our members to also belong to the PsyUSA list for broader coverage.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the Psy-FL list:

1. What does it cost to join and belong?........ Nothing.

2. Who can join?......... Any doctoral level psychologist in Florida. While you must be license eligible, you do not need to have a license to be a member of this group.

3. How do I join?........ Send an E-Mail to Psy-FL-Request@Maelstrom.StJohns.Edu stating that you would like to join the list.  State your name, your degree and license status. Any information about your professional identity would be appreciated.  If you experience any difficulties, contact Jim@Hord.com for tender, caring assistance :-)

4. What are the membership rules?...... Well, there are a few.

a. First, this is a private list. So if you want to quote someone from the list by name, ask their permission by sending a backchannel note first. We have the right to know to whom we are speaking.  Quoting from the list by simply changing the submitters identification is not allowed.

b. Commercial ads are not allowed. If a private individual wishes to offer a book, test kit, etc. for sale to our members, a simple announcement to the list is entirely appropriate.

c. When responding to a previous post, quote as little from the original as possible to avoid unnecessary use of system space by the server and in our archives. Do NOT quote the entire previous post. This is a rule of the Listserv at St. Johns who host our list for us.

d. Occasionally you may want to copy publicly available information from a posting to send to another colleague or other appropriate source. Do NOT include the header or the footer from Psy-FL postings. That information belongs to the list and list members.

e. Be polite. Respect others. Generally, rules are a nuisance and interfere with common sense. Let's rely on common sense. ;-)

5. Really, what does it cost to join and belong?....... Really, nothing. This is the best bargain in psychology since long before managed care was a simple gleam in Hillary's eye.

6. I am afraid that I would feel guilty getting all this service for free. Can I PLEASE do something for the list?...... Ok, since you really want to help, there is something that you can do. Send this web site listing to as many psychologists in Florida as you can. They will thank you for the information, will be impressed with your cyber-knowledge, your up-to-date status with developing computer services, and generally think you are a lot smarter than they thought you were in the past.

Now, if you are not already a list member, send that e-mail info and sign up. You will thank me for talking you in to doing so.

If you are already a list member, and need help with E-Mail, setting list options or other basic functions, check out the Psy-FL Help Page, by clicking the button below.  To see the Gallery of some or our list members who have provided their pictures, click the second button.

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