Psychological Services of West Florida


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Psychological Services of West Florida


One Surprising Cost of Child Sexual Abuse:

Child Abuse: Not a Simple Concept


The Trap of Stereotypical thinking and Why it Should Be Avoided


The Point?

Stereotyped Phrases: What do We Know From the Following?

Do Children Lie About Abuse?

Can We Judge the Accuracy of a Report of Abuse?

Types of Abuse Events:

Traumatic Type

Traumatic Therapy Issues:

Containment of Trauma Techniques (some)

Seductive Type:

Seductive Type: Therapy Considerations

Unreported Event

Treatment in Non-Reported Cases

False Reports - Child Led by Others to Report Falsely, With or Without the Child’s Awareness

Considerations in False Reports

A few considerations of the (seductive type) abuser

A Few Considerations of the “Traumatic Type” Abuser

Finally, The DSM-TR Diagnostic criteria for 302.2 Pedophilia

Second requirement

Third Requirement


Author: James E. Hord, Jr. Ph.D.


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