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James E. Hord, Jr. Ph.D. is a Clinical Psychologist and the owner of PSWF. Dr. Hord has maintained a private practice in Panama City, Fla. for over forty years, and his practice includes a great deal of work with Child Abuse, Forensic Psychology, and Individual Therapy for adults and children.

Dr. Hord obtained his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of South Carolina in 1968. He completed a clinical internship at Central State Hospital in Milledgeville, Ga. - at that time the world's largest psychiatric hospital.  An additional year was spent at CSH as Director of Psychological Services for the most active of the five unit divisions of the hospital, following which he came to Panama City to develop an outpatient clinic in the Jackson County area and to work in the Bay County Guidance Clinic.  Over the last many years, he has maintained a private practice in addition to running the Jackson Co. Guidance Clinic for 6 years (since re-named Counseling Alternatives and later Life Management Center, in Jackson County) and heading the N.W.Fla. Drug Council, a six county drug abuse program, for thirteen years.

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  Meet Our Office Staff    (And  how to find our office)

Meet our primary staff members, the backbone of our office operations, and let us show off a little bit. Meet our office mascot - clearly the one staff member that everyone falls in love with at first sight. He shares Patty's, he allows Patty to share an office with him!  Also, a map of the location of our office is provided as well as written directions .

Slide Show Presentation About Our Office

Just like you might show in your home, this is a slide show of information about our office and staff.  It is best viewed with a high speed connection to the internet.  Enjoy..  Oh, the information referencing BCBS is no longer accurate.  Sorry.

Panama City Client Information

This section is intended as an introduction of our services for clients in the Panama City area. A brief discussion of the range of services, insurance information and office features is provided to answer a number of initial questions that people may have when selecting psychological services.

Dr. Hord's Vitae   (A Copy May Be  Downloaded  If  Necessary)

Actually, I don't like putting this much formality on this site, but I get a number of requests from attorneys for a copy of my professional vitae, and they can download this copy from their office with the obvious saving of time and trouble. The rest of you can comfortably skip this bit of nonsense.

 Marriage Therapy / Counseling    

One of the most important areas of life is the relationship that we have to the home environment.  Home and family should represent safety, security and support.  Home should be a safe haven from the stress and threat of the outside world.  Your spouse should be your strongest supporter, your lover and the protector of your self esteem.  If this is not the pattern for you, or if home represents a place of stress  instead of comfort, then life will not be very rewarding.

 Child Abuse  Evaluations and Treatment

A sensitive but terribly important problem in our society.  It has always been with us, but today there is much more willingness to recognize this problem than has been true in past years.  This section contains several papers on this topic for your review.  The last item on this page is a slide show, outlining a recent presentation on child abuse issues and treatment that was presented in this area by Dr. Hord.  Enjoy the show.

  Therapeutic Poetry

Selections of poetry designed to deliver a particular therapeutic impact, in a non-threatening manner.  This section is light, fun, and contains poetry that was written for specific impact on particular concepts.  Enjoy.

 The Astronaut Study

A beautiful little experiential study for small groups, demonstrating the power of multiple input over the value of single decisions. This one is a real keeper for those working with therapy groups or marriage counseling.

Psychologically Speaking

A selection of articles originally published in various newspapers in and around Panama City. Common sense belongs in psychology but, as in other professional areas, is not always found there. These are short articles intended to provide some insight or an alternate way of looking at things. They are designed for the general public and do not explore the topic area in professional depth.

  A Plethora of Experts

An article that first appeared in the Florida Psychologist, a publication of the Florida Psychological Association, discussing the function of an "expert" before the court and what that entails.  Based on the fact that many mental health people are utilized by the court and testify as court defined experts.  Psychologists are the best equipped group for this function and some common pitfalls are discussed so that they can be avoided.

 Top Ten list for the New Practice in Psychology

A selection of hints for the new psychologist who is starting a practice.  Intended to be advice that is not likely to be found in other sources, and things I wish someone had told me years ago.

 The Impact of Family Fax on the Interaction of Friendly Family Foolishness

A spontaneous development in personal family function that developed when I gave my 80+ year old parents a fax machine and encouraged them to use it. Enjoyable material I think. Take a look just for fun...

For Florida Psychologist Only

Join Psy-FL, a mail list for all psychologists in Florida who are license eligible. Stay in touch with your colleagues, keep up with developments in the field and have instant consultation with your peers at your (keyboard) fingertips. We consider this a MUST for a modern practice today.

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